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Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations

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If you are planning to visit Mexico be sure not to go during hurricane season which is June 1st thru November 15th. Additionally an excellent supplier for your All Inclusive Mexico Vacation Package is Mexico All Inclusive Packages and Puerto Vallarta Mexico Vacations. They offer great pricing and offer expert advise for planning your vacation.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations

Playa Del Carmen Mexico was once a sleepy Mexican town on the Caribbean, Playa del Carmen has nearly doubled in size the past few years due to its increasing popularity among vacationing tourists who have discovered the Riviera Maya region as an escape from Cancun. Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations has Four- and five-star boutique and luxury properties that are opening, along with new shops, restaurants and spas.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico still a more authentic experience than can be found in Cancun, so go now before it expands too much.Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations loves to Vacation here. The nearby Mayan Tulum ruins are another draw, as are the eco parks Xel-ha and Xcaret. The crew at Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations says to be sure and take your snorkeling gear with you.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico Originally was a small fishing town, tourism to Playa del Carmen Mexico began with the passenger ferry service to Cozumel, an island across the Cozumel Channel and world famous scuba diving destination. While passing through, many people realized that it was a nice place to relax away from the crowds of Cancún but with the same quality beaches and turquoise waters.

The travel agents at Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations sends many divers and vacationers to this area of Mexico. Perhaps just as impressive as Cozumel, Playa del Carmen's coast offers good scuba diving opportunities, as well as cenote diving for the more adventurous.The staff at Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations picks Playa Del Carmen Mexico as a top destination spot in Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations

Today Playa del Carmen Mexico, or just "Playa" as it is referred to, is the center of the Riviera Maya concept, which runs from south of Cancún to Tulum and the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve. Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations staff picks Playa Del Carmen Mexico over Cancun Mexico as a top vacation spot. Playa Del Carmen Mexico is a stop for several cruise ships which dock at the nearby Calica quarry docks, about six miles south of the city.

The Xcaret Eco Park, a Mexican-themed "eco-archaeological park", is a popular tourist destination located just south of the town in Xcaret (pronounced "esh-caret"). Tourist activity in Playa del Carmen Mexico centers on Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue, stretching from calle 1 norte until calle 34, a pedestrian walkway located just one block inland from the beach which is lined with boutique hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants.

On your Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacation be sure and set up a timeshare presentation,you'll get free deals for doing this.

Elements within the Playa del Carmen Mexico local community and government have attempted to retain Playa del Carmen's reputation and charm as a small fishing village and artists' colony, without it becoming as large or tourist dependent as Cancún. To this end, the city passed an ordinance limiting buildings to three stories.

A few four story buildings were built before the ordinance, however. Playa del Carmen Mexico is currently expanding north beyond the Colosio section and on the other side of highway 307, the Ejido. Playacar is a residential and tourist development in Playa del Carmen Mexico, just south of the main urban area, where most of the all-inclusive hotels, the aviary, and the golf course are located.A Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacation is a great way to spend your vacation.

We can customize a Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations Package for you. Just give us a call and we will put together a Deluxe Mexico Vacation Package for you. We also can include tours with your Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations Package,with food or without,Oceanfront or GardenView rooms and a no frills or  luxury resort. With a Mexico Vacation Package you will save money by packaging air,hotel and transfers together. 

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Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations
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Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations

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Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vacations


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